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Exemestane In Men

Exemestane is a generic. Since the patent for Aromasin has expired, its generic, Exemestane, is available at the moment. How does Examestane work in men? Exemestane is an aromatase inhibitor. It is steroid that benefits over other anti-estrogens. In order to understand the its priorities and function of Exemestane in men, let study the results of a research. Some healthy men (1426 years of age) were enrolled in the study. In a cross-over study, 12 of them were randomly assigned to 25 and 50 mg of Exemestane daily for 10 days with a 14-d washout period. Blood was tested before and 24 hours after the last dose of each treatment period. Exemestane suppressed plasma estradiol comparably with either dose (25 mg, 38% (P ? 0.002); 50 mg, 32% (P ? 0.008)), with a reciprocal increase in testosterone concentrations (60% and 56%; P ? 0.003 for both). Plasma lipids and IGF concentrations were unaffected by treatment. The value of the 25-mg dose showed the highest exemestane concentration was 1 hour after administration, indicating rapid absorption. The terminal half-life was aproximately 9 hours. So, it was made a conclusion that Exemestane is an effective aromatase inhibitor in men.

Some other researches related to function of Exemestane in men were also conducted. There were treated men who had different functional mutations. Male patients with functional mutations in the estrogen receptor gene or the aromatase gene have demonstrated continued growth into adulthood, tall stature, and osteopenia. This information has lead to the investigation of pharmacologically induced estrogen deficiency as an adjunct in delaying epiphysis fusion in men who had short stature and potentially increasing final adult height.

According to the results of different researches some confirmations were done:

- estrogens do not contribute significantly to the changes in body composition and protein in men;

- the level of aromatase inhibition which a man receives by using Exemestane does not negatively influence on bone calcium metabolism.

It is important to know how Exemestane works in order to take the proper dose and to know with which other drugs men may combine it. Exemestane is an aromatase inhibitor, it means that it binds itself with aromatase enzymes and since Exemestane does it permanently, it disables the enzyme and destroys it.

Exemestane's half life in body of men is very short, it lasts approximately 9 hours, then it is quickly eliminated. But it is necessary to mention that Exemestane works very quickly and effective. As soon as it enters your bloodstream it quickly destroys 80-90% of the aromatase enzymes in your body. So it is possible to co confirm that it is effective in maintaining significant reductions in estrogen for up to 72 hours after a single 25mg dose. You should know that estrogen levels begin to increase again after your body has begun to make new aromatase enzymes to replace the ones which were destroyed by Exemestane.

There have been done some researches related to Exemestane in men in the sphere of pharmacokinetics. The results of the research are following:

- 24 hours after one 25mg dose estrogen levels are reduced by 70-80%;

- 72 hours later estrogen levels are still 40% below the baseline;

- 120 hours after initial dose estrogen levels return to baseline.

If men want to take Examestane, they may be conducted by the results of this research that shows the optimal dose of taking Exemestane. It is recommended to take 25 mg of Exemestane daily.

Let enumerate the good changes that can be produced in body of men by Exemestane:

- stopping gynecomastia completely;

- powerful bloat-reduction effects;

- increasing of IGF;

- increasing of libido;

- no changes in lipid profile;

- effectiveness on PCT;

- increasing of testosterone.

Side effects of Exemestane in men are following:

- hot flashes;

- headaches;

- fatigue;

- Insomnia;

- depression;

- high blood pressure;

- nausea;

- vomiting;

- Increasing of appetite;

- diarrhea;

- Constipation;

- abdominal pain;

- difficulty breathing.

If men are going to use this drug, they should know how it works, what possible changes, good results and side effects Exemestane can produce in men.
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